Livestock Agronomy Services

Your Livestock Agronomy Platform

We are shaping the future of better livestock production, welfare and profitability. Grow is a livestock agronomy platform used to improve your production system which means that:

You have access to industry leading practices, science and technology

You can better plan resources to improve time management

You can make better informed and data driven decision

You can express your animals full genetic potential

You can achieve better welfare outcomes

You can gain increased profits

Livestock Agronomy Service

The Grow livestock agronomists bring together a century of combined experience in animal production, management, health and nutrition to deliver tailored advice to cattle and sheep producers. From advising on nutrition requirements to building a complete annual management program.

Until Grow, livestock advice has been varied and hard to implement. So we’ve simplified industry research and information into programs which are easy to implement and understand.

Our livestock agronomist’s deliver management programs on farm or access our programs through the operational planner on AgriWeb farm management software.


Program Set-up

  • Assess management, animals and pastures
  • Tailor a program for your farm
  • Provide ongoing livestock agronomy support

Annual Service

  • Annual planning for your livestock operation
  • Revise plans with you at key times
  • Provide ongoing livestock agronomy support

Advice & Support

On-farm and phone support from our team of specialists who can help solve your livestock production issues.

Workshops & Training

We run livestock management workshops aimed at bringing advice and innovation to producers at key times during year.

Success Stories

See how the Grow livestock agronomy service has improved livestock productivity.

Partnering with Industry Leaders in Livestock Innovation

We have partnered with industry leaders to offer you the latest innovation in livestock management technology, nutrition and animal health. See below to learn more about our partnerships.

StayDry Nutritional Range by DSM

DSM is the word’s leading supplier of vitamins, carotenoids, eubiotics and enzymes to the global feed industry. We’ve used the innovation from their R&D investment to develop the StayDry nutritional loose lick supplement products, designed for cattle and sheep
  • Designed to supplement animals at strategic times throughout the year to achieve optimal performance.
  • Bringing new technology to the livestock extensive industry in mineral absorption, rumen health and feed conversion. Only available through a network of selected resellers to find your nearest store use our store finder.



Proven by


AgriWebb have created easy to use livestock management software covering all enterprises.

Simplify farm record keeping, solve your audit and accreditation needs and improve your livestock business management.

Most importantly increase the productivity on your farm with easy access to the Grow livestock management programs.

Grow Reseller Network

We work with this network of selected resellers to ensure you are supported through out the year with production, animal health and nutrition products and enquires. To help you make the right decisions for your business.

Speak to a Livestock Agronomist

Contact us to speak to a livestock agronomist or book an appointment on your farm.