Agita™ 100 Plus Fly Spray and Paint on

Agita™ 100 Plus is a fast-acting fly control product effective against adult house flies (Musca domestica) in animal housing including dairies, cattle feedlots, abattoirs, piggeries, poultry facilities, horse stables, and kennels.

Agita™ contains thiamethoxam in a water-soluble granular formulation. Thiamethoxam is a second-generation neonicotinoid, a Group 4A insecticide. Agita™ also contains sugar and a powerful sex pheromone (Z-9-tricosene) that attracts flies to feed on the product.

Resistance may develop to any chemical. For insecticide resistance management Agita is a Group 4A insecticide.

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  • Kills adult flies within minutes
  • Up to six weeks’ residual activity
  • Versatile application options
  • Includes sugar and a sex pheromone to attract flies
  • Nil withholding periods

What are the benefits?

Directions for Use