Copperplan 20

Copperplan 20 Copper Capsules are for the treatment and prevention of copper deficiency in cattle over 200kg live weight.

Copper is an essential trace element that has an essential function in a broad range of enzymes in the body. It has an important role in iron and connective tissue metabolism, blood cell development and maintenance of the central nervous and immune system integrity. Copper metabolism is very complex and deficiencies can result from either low copper in the diet (primary deficiency) or interactions with other elements in the soil reducing copper absorption (secondary deficiency). Symptoms of copper deficiency in cattle include growth depression, lameness, coat depigmentation, poor production, scouring and loss of condition.

  • Treats and prevents copper deficiency in adult cattle
  • Each capsule contains hundreds of tiny copper oxide rods about 3mm long, which are made from oxidised copper wire
  • Single capsule, annual dosing
  • No withhold periods

What are the benefits?

Directions for Use

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