Flubenol™ Oral Wormer for Pigs and Chickens

Flubenol™ is a broad-spectrum de-wormer for chickens that is mixed into the premix or final feed. It contains flubendazole (a member of the benzimidazole group of anthelmintics), which has efficacy against all life stages of the commonly found worms in chickens1,2,3.

Flubenol™ Oral Wormer is used as an aid in the control of sensitive strains of Ascaridia galli (Large roundworm), Heterakis gallinarum (Caecal worm), Capillaria spp. (Hairworm) and Raillietina species (Tapeworm) in chickens.


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  • Easy administration in the feed
  • Effective against all life stages (egg, adult and larval stages) of commonly found worms in chickens
  • Zero day egg withholding period
  • The only de-wormer registered for tapeworm control in chickens in Australia

What are the benefits?

Directions for Use