StayDry Hy-Cal

StayDry Hy-Cal is a waterproof lick powder nutritional supplement for cattle and sheep. It contains a quality range and balance of minerals and trace elements to supplement ruminants where there is an increased risk of calcium deficiency. StayDry Hy-Cal is specifically designed to assist with the building of a robust skeletal structure and calcium reservoir.

For breeder animals, the aim is to supplement throughout the non-critical production phases such as early to mid-pregnancy, to fill the calcium reservoirs in the bones. Calcium supplementation ceases in the last 3 weeks of gestation, which stimulates parathyroid hormone secretion and skeletal calcium mobilisation before lambing. This makes calcium homeostatic mechanisms more responsive at the time of lambing/calving, allowing breeders to maintain blood calcium concentrations during lactation.

For growing animals, StayDry Hy-Cal is designed to supplement the imbalance of calcium in cereals, and dry pastures. It aims to improve growth rates and helps build a robust skeletal framework, which is essential for maximising lifetime performance and health.

Product is not hazardous and therefore does not require an SDS.

  • Reduces risk of hypocalcemia
  • Helps improve growth rates
  • Helps build a robust skeletal framework
  • Reduces risk of ricketts in lambs

What are the benefits?

Directions for Use