Viper™ Pour-On

Viper contains next-generation neonicotinoid chemistry that is up to six times more potent than imidacloprid.1,2,3   Thiacloprid’s unique mode of action provides rapid knockdown control of lice.2 Viper continues to kill adult lice and emerging nymphs that hatch from eggs for four weeks after treatment when applied within 24 hours of shearing. Viper can be applied up to seven days after shearing or to unshorn lambs from two weeks to two months of age. Viper is a low odour, water-based formulation that is easy to apply with the recommended applicator and to clean up after use.


1. BAH Laboratory Study 6106008 2006. 2. BAH Laboratory Study 6108010 2008. 3. BAH Laboratory Study 6105020 2005.

  • Highly potent, next generation chemistry
  • Rapid knockdown
  • 4 weeks’ protection against reinfestation when applied within 24 hours of shearing
  • Flexible off-shears application – up to 7 days
  • User-friendly formulation

What are the benefits?

Directions for Use

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